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FilmLab Beta 0.9, and FilmLab 1.0 plans


FilmLab July Update: Closeup Lenses and Image Resolution

During July I worked on three remaining areas of FilmLab that need to be finished before the release: smarter frame recognition, UI, and image resolution. I’m still working on the first two, but I was able to get the image resolution work completed. So for this month’s update, I’d like to talk about what you can expect for image quality in FilmLab 1.0, and how to get larger and better detailed images using an add-on closeup lens.

Image quality status quo

Here’s a 35mm film image:

My son, doing his homework while dressed as a pirate, because he's a kid and why not?


FilmLab June Update: The End-of-the-Middle Blues, iOS Preview 0.4.0, and Design Work

June was a challenging month. Which is probably normal for this stage of an ambitious project. When you start a new project it’s exciting, and when you finish a product it’s satisfying, and during both of those times you tend to get a lot of positive outside reinforcement from other people who are interested in what you’re doing. But the middle is the hard part. The middle is where all the work happens, and you have to keep grinding away and pushing through obstacles even when it turns out to take longer and be more work than you thought it would.


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