FilmLab came from a personal desire to have a better tool for viewing and digitizing our negatives. We love film photography, but found the process of organizing, viewing, and digitizing negatives to be a chore. A lot of this has to do with the tediousness of scanning negatives using a flatbed scanner. Abe started thinking about what might be possible using the cameras and processing power of modern smartphones. After a couple years of research and development, and a boost from a successful Kickstarter campaign, FilmLab was born.

Abe Fettig, Founder and Developer


Abe has worked on many software projects in the last 20 years, but FilmLab has definitely been the most interesting, challenging, and rewarding. There’s much work to do in making superior software for film photographers and archivers!

Hannah Fettig, Marketing Director


Hannah has been designing and publishing craft books and tools under her own company Knitbot for 12 years. She also has worked as a professional photographer.