Phone, meet film.

Introducing FilmLab.
A smartphone app for analog film.

Hi! My name is Abe Fettig, and I'm building FilmLab, a mobile app that lets you use your smartphone to work with analog film. All you need to use it is your smartphone, some film, and a light source such as a light box.

During May and June 2,059 people backed FilmLab on Kickstarter! The Kickstarter campaign is complete, and I'm now hard at work on the first beta release. FilmLab 1.0 will be released for iOS and Android this fall.

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Latest news

Progress report, with full size sample images

Hi everyone!

The FilmLab Kickstarter campaign is in its final stretch: only 36 hours to go as I write this! If you're planning to use FilmLab, but haven't yet backed the project, I encourage you to do so today. You'll get early beta access several months before FilmLab is released to the public, and you'll also save some money on FilmLab Pro when it's released. Go check it out!

I wanted to give everybody a little progress report on current FilmLab image quality, and show some full-size images and side-by side comparisons with dedicated scanners. So I scanned in a bunch of test images last night, using an iPhone 7 Plus running the current alpha build of FilmLab.

Before we get to the images, a couple of disclaimers. First, this isn't a competition (and if it was, FilmLab would lose). Pro scanners are awesome tools, and FilmLab complements them rather than replacing them. The reason I'm showing side-by-side images is to provide a frame of reference for the FilmLab scans. You can see the difference in resolution between a pro scanner and a smartphone camera, also see where FilmLab's color conversion code is working well and where it needs to improve.

Second, FilmLab is very much still a work in progress. There's lots more work to be done to increase sharpness, reduce noise, improve color balance, and offer manual controls over exposure and contrast.

OK, disclaimers done - let's take a look! (You can click any image below to download the original, full-resolution version.)

Pro lab scans

FilmLab capture
Pro lab scan (Noritsu)